duminică, 21 decembrie 2014

Many ideas, one word: entrepreneurship!

           The project activities were aimed to engage young people through active participation, which is a priority in the "Erasmus +" framework. 

Also, it has been facilitated intercultural exchange, exchanging ideas, sustaining dialogue; organized tasks so that each participant had the opportunity to come into contact with a different culture. 

Knowledge and understanding of diversity, resultied from involvement in the planned activities, has contributed to increase tolerance and openness towards exchanges and intercultural dialogue.

Do you want to see some of our key actions, activities and energizers implemented during the youth exchange?

Check out the following videos!

 - Energizers ( I, II);
 - Team Building Activities (video I, video II, video III);

Project dissemination flyer

marți, 2 decembrie 2014

joi, 27 noiembrie 2014

The billionaire

Do you want to know more about how to become a billionaire? Sure you do!! 
Check out this video, and you will have an interesting seaside trip through ideas. 

Choose yours !!

marți, 25 noiembrie 2014


You have no friends? 
You have no idea how to have people around you? 

If you feel sad and alone, watch this video! You will learn how you can handle this situation very fast and very simple: just RENT YOUR FRIEND!

duminică, 23 noiembrie 2014

Struggling to be entrepreneur

You have an idea?!
Are you ambitious and you want the best for you in your life?! 

Wake up, be awesome, work hard, develop your ideas, collaborate, follow your dreams!! 
Be concerned and you can be the next real entrepreneur. 

Check this video for some ideas !

miercuri, 19 noiembrie 2014

Work hard, be an entrepreneur!

You just graduated and you are full of energy and great ideas for creating your own business?!
Do you want an ordinary job? 
Sure you don't! 
You are able to work hard, you have a lot of power and opportunities, don't miss them !! 

Check this video and find out more !